For Laina, we created an e-commerce site on the Shopify platform. The site was originally built on WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin, but this was back in 2012-13 and Woocommerce wasn’t the powerhouse it is today in 2017, so we had issues when the site started getting a lot of traffic. Also, back in those days, WordPress required a lot of maintenance to keep up with security updates so we opted for Shopify and it solved the headaches of payment gateways as well as managing email sign ups with its straightforward integration with MailChimp. Of course, these issues have all been addressed in WordPress today and there are plenty of good reasons to stay with WordPress for an ecomm site, but we still prefer Shopify for our higher volume clients.

To promote her store we ran social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Laina has her own style of self-promotion and it works very well. With over 150k Instagram followers, and two million plus unique visitors to her sight in the past 3 years, we call her project a major success even if we can only take a small part of the credit. The Laina Rauma brand has good traction and is growing strong.

We can do the same work for you. The rest of the game is up to you.



Keep your website up-to-date and secure

Keep your website up-to-date and secure

Many companies are being held to ransom by their web development company. Their websites are hard to maintain and need constant tweaking. This in turn incurs extra fees that could be spent on your business.

You may say: my site runs on WordPress, and it’s easy to maintain. Well to be sure it’s easy to use. But that ease may well come at a cost. WordPress is being updated constantly as it’s relatively easy to hack.

If you aren’t running the very latest version of WordPress then the chances are you are running a version with multiple known vulnerabilities – bugs that criminals can use to gain a foothold on your system.

EnableSecurity’s scan of Alexa’s Top 1,000,000 discovered that 41,106 websites were running WordPress, a little over 4%.

They then determined that of those websites at least 30,823 were running versions of WordPress that have known vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, what you really need is a secure, fast, visually appealing, highly converting, responsive, retargeting web presence that will blow your competitors out of the water.

And while your competitors are still in the stone age, your sales will be going into overdrive and you’ll be cleaning up.

Sounds good? Great!

The question then arises “How do WE get there from where WE am right now?”

Here’s an idea: How to fix them all without wasting your time or going crazy.

My name is Hannu Rauma. I am an IT professional with 15+ experience. From small companies to multinationals turning over billions of dollars, I’ve seen most things.

I own my own design company/private ad agency. I am a web developer, and an innovative marketer as well. I have a team of some of the most amazing experts in the world of retargeting, display ads, social media campaigns, web analytics, SEO, AdWords/Bing/Facebook/ Twitter/LinkedIn advertising, web design and optimization for sales,

WE never lose sight of the fact that this technology is not there for technology’s sake, it’s solely there to GET YOU CUSTOMERS!

We are not your average web guys. We understand business and marketing as well as all the complex technical stuff. We can address every single web issue that affects your ROI.. all the problems the other guys have left you with, some that you may not even have been aware of.

We will be working together to build your business up using the web and reach your income goals.

We want to see you making as much as you want on a continuous, stress-free basis.

We will get together a crack team of web developers and marketing experts to accomplish this for you.

An awesome proactive retargeting web presence, generating customers, making easy sales, and getting paid what you deserve for what you do.

It will be awesome!

To find out more about this opportunity, whether it’s right for you, and whether you meet the criteria..

call me for a free consultation: 1-778-840-9001

Make your website work HARDER for you

Make your website work HARDER for you

There will always be a large percentage of people who will arrive on your website and not take the action that you would like them to do. You may think that’s a fact of life. Many websites say ‘goodbye’ to these users and do not appear to care.

But consider this:
Let’s say your website is converting at 15%. 15 out of every 100 people who visit your site are either leaving their details or buying a product etc.

That is a very good performing page.

But that still leaves a whopping 85% who click away from your site, most likely never to be seen again. That’s a huge proportion of sales that are being lost.

Let’s say that that was a way to bring these people BACK to your site, and point them to a page that acknowledges that they were here before and that we want to do something for them to convince them.

Imagine you converted 15 more out of the 85. Well you have just doubled your sales, and you did it with the power of retargeting.

The five top reasons you should be retargeting your website visitors are as follows:

  1. Retargeting gets better Click Through Rates and Conversion %
  2. People need several touch points prior to purchasing decisions
  3. Ability to Include and Exclude lists for better ad management
  4. Ability to Focus on a specific Product or Service
  5. Retargeting is Less Expensive than other Pay per Click Advertising

Retargeting ads are proven to have better click through rates and conversion percentages that other online advertising options.

“The average click-through rate for display ads is 0.07%, and the average click-through for a retargeted ad is .7%”

This will have a profound effect on your business by reducing the amount of money spent to acquire a new customer. It will also mean more effective brand recognition because with greater clickthroughs and engagement, come lower costs and thus more brand exposure and recognition in the marketplace.

This will have a profound effect on your business by reducing the amount of money spent to acquire a new customer.

It will also mean more effective brand recognition because with greater click-throughs and engagement, come lower costs and thus more brand exposure and recognition in the marketplace.

What’s not to like? 🙂

It is said that a person needs to see an offer more than 4 times before they make a buying decision. It’s just human nature. Retargeting allows you to get that message in front of prospective customers several times.


90-98% of visitors don’t buy or take action on their first visit.
-Marketing Sherpa


As you can see, it is a genius strategy that gets you more sales, period. Another huge benefit if retargeting is the ability to segment your lists. This means you can create a list of people who visit your sales page and then another of people who have bought.

You can do this for each product and service you offer. Then when you create your retargeting ad you subtract the buyers list from the overall list of product viewers.

Strategies like this have several benefits, the biggest of which are being more efficient with your ad spend and not burning out your buyers by having them see ads for products they have already purchased.

This is the definition of efficient advertising and one of the major factors in why retargeting is essential for your business.

Let me tell you this: retargeting ROIs of 300%, 400%, 800% and even more are quite common.

Retargeting is the single biggest thing that has happened in internet marketing since Search PPC in Google.

You can take advantage of this now and your competitors will be wondering what hit them!

Your website NEEDS to look FRESH

Your website NEEDS to look FRESH

Take a look at these sites.

Look at the flat, clean designs, the intuitive navigation, the use of video and color. Images that reach right to the edges of the screen.

These sites are using the latest technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. These aren’t merely buzzwords but make the difference between your site looking great on all devices (including cell phones and tablets) or a total mess!

Have you checked your web analytics recently? What percentage of your website visitors are arriving on your site using a smartphone or an iPad? Is your site ‘responsive’, resizing itself dynamically and looking great for EVERY user that wants to buy something?

Some sites look great on a PC and terrible on a phone. Most people start their search for local products and services using their phone.

How does YOUR site look? Are a large proportion put off from buying or furthering their interest because your website looks broken? How much lost revenue has that already amounted to?

Your site needs to be quick and active

Your site needs to be quick and active

This covers a lot of issues. If your site is too slow, then it will be penalized by Google according to their PageSpeed algorithm.

That will mean lower rankings for you on the search engine, less visitors and less sales. And even those who reach your site will get impatient and give up if your site is slow.

Enter your website’s URL into this tool

What elements are slowing your site down? If there are points of concern, why haven’t your web guys addressed them yet?

There is another way in which your website could be viewed as being lazy, or passive. So many companies we see are running Adwords or Bing PPC campaigns and directing the ads to their home page.

What a waste of money!

Your website needs to be segmented out in the correct way that reflects how your business runs. And when you run PPC ads, the ads need to click through to a specific page that matches the ad copy.

In other words, the user sees your ad, has their interest piqued and then clicks on it. What they see next should ‘continue the story’ – it should further propagate the user’s interest in your product or service.

Again, on these pages there should be a clear call to action so the user is left in no doubt as to what they should do next. There is always a percentage of people who are not sure what to do next. Or their interest isn’t quite high enough yet to take action. Too many websites do NOTHING to cater for this large group of people.

Your website must have live customer support to offer help and advice, and convert a large portion of this group into actual leads who have left contact information. There are lots of third party programs that can add this feature to your site at a very modest cost.

These types of programs will turn more website visitors into actual LEADS. Go back and close these guys, and voila! Just a simple change to your website has increased your sales significantly.

Alternatively, you can have your website actively reaching out to people and building an invaluable database of leads by promoting a compelling free offer.

An offer is a free giveaway or download that will compel your prospects to give their information to you in return for the download.

To make your offer, take your answers from questions 4 and 5 above, and write a short report around that. When you can put that into words, you’ll know exactly what to offer.

We’ve put together some example headlines you might use in the Financial Planning niche:

  • 5 Ways to Avoid the College Debt Trap
  • How to Save for Retirement in a Down Economy
  • 3 New Tax Tricks for 2015 that Will Boost Your Savings

All you’re doing is taking your clients’ most likely frustrations and aspirations and making them into a free download. You most likely only need to do this once, and then you’re set!

Of course, you can create as many reports as you’d like for different markets. These reports only have to be 4-5 pages, max. The purpose is to position you as the expert in your field.

This report should be a PDF file for easy reading and downloading.

Promote it using Facebook ads or similar and you’ll get a lot of leads.

Ask yourself:

Has my website got a high converting page solely dedicated to doing just this?

Is it integrated with my autoresponder and CRM software so WE can follow up and close the deal within minutes?

Did my web designer really understand my business to enable me to work more efficiently in this way?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then your website is not assisting you to reach your goals. It is just in the way and is something to be managed. You need to turn it around into a tool that is working for you day and night.

Your website must be designed.. for YOU

Your website must be designed.. for YOU

With over 500 websites created every minute – or 720,000 each day – it pays to understand what is really going on out there so you don’t waste your money and time with even the most well intentioned designer who doesn’t understand your business.. or theirs.

5 Must Do’s for success online..

In this short report we’re going to show you exactly how many websites are failing over and over and again in their main purpose: to be your shop window on the Internet and make you money. If your web guys have left you in this situation, don’t worry! We’re going to highlight one by one what they are and what you need to fix them and stop losing money every day, and become more profitable in 5 steps.

Must Do #1. Your Website must be designed for YOU

First, a little exercise. Before we can start to see if your website is doing its job, we need to determine your target market. To do that, take a few minutes and write down answers to these questions.

  1. Who are your customers? (General demographics)
  2. What are their goals? (External)
  3. What are the biggest problems they’re facing?
  4. 7-10 Biggest fears and frustrations?
  5. 7-10 Biggest wants and aspirations?

Now here’s the thing your web designer should have done when he or she sat down with you.

When your potential customers arrive on your site, does the design address the above? Are there clear calls-to-action directing your users to what you want them to do? This could be to leave contact details, or call a phone number for example.

Time and time again we see poor design where the user is not entirely clear what he or she needs to do next. If the user has to do any unnecessary scrolling or click through to another page, then you have already lost 20%-40% sales right off the bat.

People lose interest quickly and good design stops that from happening.

Note that good design isn’t the same as pretty design. Many pretty designs have been created by web companies with no concept of marketing. Good design leads your target customer to a goal. And that’s where your sales come from.

Is your current website maximizing every opportunity to make sales? If it’s not, then you’re leaving money on the table and someone else is picking it up.

Next: Must Do # 2. Your site needs to be quick and active (not lazy)