Many companies are being held to ransom by their web development company. Their websites are hard to maintain and need constant tweaking. This in turn incurs extra fees that could be spent on your business.

You may say: my site runs on WordPress, and it’s easy to maintain. Well to be sure it’s easy to use. But that ease may well come at a cost. WordPress is being updated constantly as it’s relatively easy to hack.

If you aren’t running the very latest version of WordPress then the chances are you are running a version with multiple known vulnerabilities – bugs that criminals can use to gain a foothold on your system.

EnableSecurity’s scan of Alexa’s Top 1,000,000 discovered that 41,106 websites were running WordPress, a little over 4%.

They then determined that of those websites at least 30,823 were running versions of WordPress that have known vulnerabilities.

In conclusion, what you really need is a secure, fast, visually appealing, highly converting, responsive, retargeting web presence that will blow your competitors out of the water.

And while your competitors are still in the stone age, your sales will be going into overdrive and you’ll be cleaning up.

Sounds good? Great!

The question then arises “How do WE get there from where WE am right now?”

Here’s an idea: How to fix them all without wasting your time or going crazy.

My name is Hannu Rauma. I am an IT professional with 15+ experience. From small companies to multinationals turning over billions of dollars, I’ve seen most things.

I own my own design company/private ad agency. I am a web developer, and an innovative marketer as well. I have a team of some of the most amazing experts in the world of retargeting, display ads, social media campaigns, web analytics, SEO, AdWords/Bing/Facebook/ Twitter/LinkedIn advertising, web design and optimization for sales,

WE never lose sight of the fact that this technology is not there for technology’s sake, it’s solely there to GET YOU CUSTOMERS!

We are not your average web guys. We understand business and marketing as well as all the complex technical stuff. We can address every single web issue that affects your ROI.. all the problems the other guys have left you with, some that you may not even have been aware of.

We will be working together to build your business up using the web and reach your income goals.

We want to see you making as much as you want on a continuous, stress-free basis.

We will get together a crack team of web developers and marketing experts to accomplish this for you.

An awesome proactive retargeting web presence, generating customers, making easy sales, and getting paid what you deserve for what you do.

It will be awesome!

To find out more about this opportunity, whether it’s right for you, and whether you meet the criteria..

call me for a free consultation: 1-778-840-9001