For Laina, we created an e-commerce site on the Shopify platform. The site was originally built on WordPress using the Woocommerce plugin, but this was back in 2012-13 and Woocommerce wasn’t the powerhouse it is today in 2017, so we had issues when the site started getting a lot of traffic. Also, back in those days, WordPress required a lot of maintenance to keep up with security updates so we opted for Shopify and it solved the headaches of payment gateways as well as managing email sign ups with its straightforward integration with MailChimp. Of course, these issues have all been addressed in WordPress today and there are plenty of good reasons to stay with WordPress for an ecomm site, but we still prefer Shopify for our higher volume clients.

To promote her store we ran social media campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Laina has her own style of self-promotion and it works very well. With over 150k Instagram followers, and two million plus unique visitors to her sight in the past 3 years, we call her project a major success even if we can only take a small part of the credit. The Laina Rauma brand has good traction and is growing strong.

We can do the same work for you. The rest of the game is up to you.